What's Megan's Story?


Megan Reilly is an author, speaker, writing coach and perfectionism editor.

Her first book, “Escaping Perfectionism”, transitions from a personal experience to a self-help book empowering people to find true peace and happiness in their lives by changing the way they talk to and about themselves.

She self-published it on Amazon and is helping other writers do the same (in as quickly as 90 days). Learn more here.

She is currently creating a workshop located in Fresno, California dedicated to helping others heal from perfectionism using the power of rewriting their stories.

Additionally, she is passionate about speaking to young people about the importance of self-love, self-care, and being true to themselves as they transition from structured school life to the completely unregulated world of adulthood.

View her TEDx talk, “Self-Care: Life After Final Exams”.

Any questions for about working together? Email here at megan@thestoryisyours.com or schedule a consultation call here.


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