Less is More is an Effective Cliche for Copy! Step Five: Make the Cut!

After a longer post last time, I thought it important to end with the step most of us struggle with most – making my copy shorter! So to get straight to the point:

Step Five:

Make the cut. When writing effective copy, less is more. When a prospective customer STOPS reading, maybe it because they’re…

  1. lazy.

  2. Or overachievers.

  3. Or they forgot because they’re…

  4. almost always multi-tasking.

  5. Or on Facebook while multi-tasking (and updating others about it).

Whichever, you still have to capture them. So be concise. Chop anything that doesn't move your message forward, even if it's a favorite joke. Humor is effective in concise doses but unless you’re Dave Chapelle, save the comedy only for times when it has an effective call to action after it.

Congratulations for effectively taking red ink to your current copy and making it more catchy! On top of more successfully monetizing your copy, implementing these quick tips will save you the most valuable resource – your time. Enjoy the boost! '

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Write on!


Megan Reilly