Read this BECAUSE It's Powerful! Step Four: Infuse Persuasive Words

Have you ever written something you were proud of... only to realize that there was no call to action at the end? It has happened to me (shutter!). It taught me a valuable lesson – remember that the reason WHY you are writing copy is almost always to sell something.

So do it persuasively all the way through! It all starts with word choice. And after utilizing the other three steps you completed since downloading my FREE PDF about 5 Ways to Write Copy that Converts! Which leads us to...


Infuse persuasive words. Warning: these tactics are powerful. Disclaimers aside, you’ve likely had these words used on you both indirectly by ad campaigns and very directly by telemarketers. Some used them more forcefully (to varying degrees of effectiveness) than others. No need to join the dark side! In my experience, using the following words to compel future clients has benefited everyone involved:

  • Because: There are countless articles about a study involving a Xerox machine and people cutting the line more effectively when they asked someone to cut “because” of something. Even if it was “because” they had to make a copy! This is because our subconscious minds love to be given a reason or an explanation. No excuses, try it today, because it will work!

  • Free: Use this one sparingly, because when overused, it invites skepticism at best and being completely disregarded and discounted at worst. The flip side is that it has amazing power. Who doesn’t want a FREE PDF with copywriting tips when they’re trying to build their business, for instance? See, FREE can be very effective in attracting your target audience.

  • Only: This is similar to using the words ‘limited time’, but I feel ‘limited’ is overused – and yes – limits you. You can create scarcity, exclusivity and a sense of urgency in the minds of your readers by making it clear that they only have a certain amount to time to be included in a special offer that only has so many spaces. Everyone wants to be a VIP, don’t you? Speaking of…

  • YOU: I’ll never forget the day I heard this: “Even your sweet grandmother wants to know what’s in it for her.” It’s human nature ask: “what’s in it for me?”. As they should, whether making a purchase or choosing to download a freebie. I used YOU in my opt-in intro and here we are. Thank you.

Now that you know that only after writing persuasively can you move from free to paid, your copy is ready for the chopping block! Don't worry because it won't hurt!

Write on!


Megan Reilly