Ready to Write Copy that Converts? Step One: Always Consider the Audience!

Thanks for downloading my PDF about five ways to write copy that converts to sales!

So let's start with YOU. Who are YOU trying to reach with your words? Which leads us to our our very first (and most important) step.


Always Consider the Audience. Perspective is everything! To gain some, step back from the stage and sink into a front row seat. Open your website, email blasts or anything else you want to improve.

Ask yourself these three things and be brutally honest. Much like exercise, you'll be happy you did it afterward!

  • Am I using the right tone when addressing my audience? Is your ideal customer in an industry that speaks casually or formally? Do they prefer paragraphs or bullet points? Speaking their language can revamp your copy.

  • Am I giving the people what they want? Are your readers getting the right types of information? Your advertisements or overall brand should lead your audience to the information you’ve made them expect. Someone looking for a recipe, for instance, will be annoyed if they find themselves reading about a restaurant instead. Deliver what you promise. Nothing more, nothing less

  • If I were my customer, would I keep reading past the first sentence? Read the first sentence of every page of copy in front of you. Does it grab your attention? It shouldn’t tell the whole story, but it should make you at least remotely curious about what comes next. Speaking of which...

You're ready to put your best foot forward with a message that resonates with your ideal clients/customers/devoted fanbase. Take it a step further by owning your own voice. Find out how in the next post with step two!

Write on!


Megan Reilly