What's Your Perfectionism Story? (Link to FREE PDF Quiz Enclosed)

Have you ever caught yourself in the middle of an old habit?

That ONE you thought you'd kicked?

It happened to me just a couple of days ago! My tailbone has been hurting after an accident a few weeks ago and I went to go take a walk outside. It was painful. My inner perfectionist tried to come out by saying:

"You should be able to handle this! You have to prove you're strong!"

I started laughing. Not even kidding you. That's because, here's the thing, it was simply an old perfectionism story.

That I have to be in perfect health, a wonder woman, to be worthy of being loved. How ridiculous! But how divinely timed, because here's the thing, I have done so much work on my book, Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life, that it only makes sense that the things that try to creep in when I'm down would come back in full force. 

I kicked it to the curb with my newer, improved belief that my body and my spirit are constantly evolving and it is that growth that makes me beautiful, in pain or not. It's all part of my story.

Your Perfectionism Story (PS) can sabotage your life in several areas, including career and business, family and friends, spirituality, health, your home and office space and more! I invite you to take back your power, ASAP.

So what's your Perfectionism Story? Find out which area of your life it's hurting you the most in by downloading my PDF and taking the quiz: What's Your Perfectionism Story

With love,




Megan Reilly