The Importance of Imperfect Action: The KEY To Overcoming Fear-Based Perfectionism


Since the beginning of TSIY, I've known that the transformation from perfectionism to being enough would be a tall order, both for myself and others taking my workshops or reading excerpts from my upcoming book.

But WOW does perfectionism prove, time and again, to be sneaky...

This morning when I went to write and record a promo video for my workshop, it was GAME ON.

Not only was I frozen, but my mind went to a completely unrelated fear and started ruminating on that! The resulting isolation and rejection I felt (all of which had taken place in my own mind!) made me feel completely depleted and defeated.

Then I realized... I've done this to myself every time I've been about to make a video for the last eight months! 

So Here's Looking at YOU, Perfectionism: 

Up to this point, I've talked about perfectionism as this kind of vicious and relentless voice that hinders us from doing things.

I'd like to expand that definition because perfectionism is so much more crafty than that. 

See, perfectionism EVOLVES as you do.

After many years of self-discovery, I don't listen to the same kind of inner criticism that I used to. I used to entertain thoughts like not being capable or not being deserving, but I know, deep down in my heart, that I am! My perfectionism knows that these beliefs are no longer enough to stop me so it has to STEP IT UP.

So to continue to protect me from my initial (and recurring) fear, which was and is embarrassment and some version of "who does she think SHE is?", my perfectionism has found another tactic, DISTRACTION.

It's similar to procrastination in that I am not doing the thing I am most afraid of, but it's more than that. My perfectionism knows that getting an achiever like me off course takes moving my mind elsewhere. Which it did beautifully this morning.

But today I upped the ante! I grabbed my phone and I recorded my message anyway!

See below:

And that's how you do it! No fancy process, no positive affirmations, just forward motion! 

Honestly, after it was done, I wondered what the big deal was all along.

Perfectionism ZERO, checkmate. <3



Megan Reilly