Workshop Part Two: The Perfectionism Story Resentment Test and How to Use it To Avoid Fights With People You Live With

Hello TSIYers,

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. Do you have a roommate, a partner, a parent, maybe even grown-up kids that you get into daily/all too frequent spats with at home? Do you find them being critical or find yourself saying things you didn't mean that are critical towards them? Do you wish you could squabble less about the small things and enjoy your perfectly imperfect house and relationships more?

If any of this sounds like even a half 'yes', I encourage you to check out my five-minute self-guided workshop on it below. Identify when to speak up and when to do some inner work with the PS Resentment Test (an excerpt from my soon-to-be-published book, Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life).

Enjoy! <3

With love,


Megan Reilly