Escaping Perfectionism Workshop: Part Four: Jobs/ Career

Hi TSYIers,

This week contains another short and sweet message about the importance of understanding where your PS (Perfectionism Story) about your career/job started.

Do you find yourself sabotaging your freelance or artistic efforts because in the back of your mind you need to get a 'real' job? Find the origins of that PS and others here!

Special guest appearance by my dog Teddy who was guarding the house just prior to this and barking through a video almost double this length. :) Hey, just like PSes, sometimes things come up and you acknowledge them, give them love and press on! The show went on! And he's lucky he's cute. :)

In other news, Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life is in the final design phase! More soon!

Until next week!



Megan Reilly