How to Pick Strategically When Overwhelmed by Self Growth


This week and last have been an absolute blur, in the best possible way! This time last week, I was writing down all of the incredible information I learned at Day One (of THREE!) at Craig Duswalt's incredible Rockstar Marketing Bootcamp! Having achieved the goal of writing what I hope to be one of the best books on perfectionism you've ever read, "Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life",  I knew it was time to get marketing! What happened next was an incredible amount of information, resources, and new contacts, not to mention so many useful self help websites, personal growth books, and new ideas for my perfectionism test related to the book (take the related perfectionism quiz on my book's page to see which area of your life it impacts you in the most)!

So exciting! Yet there were so many new things that were flying my way that I found myself overbooked!

It all brought me so many new opportunities and ways of thinking (all while working on current writing projects), that suddenly I found I had to prioritize or else I wouldn't be done until, well, the 12th of never. So how do you strategize so that you get to do things like sleep, and, more importantly, actually ENJOY the new growth?

Here are a few that have helped me get clear: 

  1. Prioritize. Get clear on what matters most to YOU. Not what SHOULD matter, but what does. For me, it is marketing my book, getting my second printed proof, finalizing it, announcing a date, and getting my marketing plan underway. Related tasks are allowed on that list. Starting my Pinterest account? Well, that's going to have to wait awhile, and I'm okay with sticking a Pin in that for now.
  2. Love Your Work. This might seem obvious, but whether you truly love your message will become clear to you when you actively CHOOSE to do it, day after day, and still absolutely love every part of it, even when and especially when you run into challenges.
  3. Surround Yourself With Supportive People. Being in a room full of people so ready to grow their businesses and to show the inner perfectionists inside of themselves that they are worthy of success right now was so inspiring! Be around them as much as you can!
  4. Keep Writing. Both for yourself and your business, it will keep you coming up with good ideas and make you feel great when a once blank page is no longer staring at you! Shoot, you may even find that you've written content good for self help books! After all, writing self help books for women stemmed from my interest in self help books and my writing on the subject of perfectionism over the years.

If you find yourself being critical or in some other way holding yourself back, consider checking out my book here or checking out my free online workshop series. Until next time, take care!



Megan Reilly