Escaping Perfectionism Workshops 5-7 Offer Focus, Love, and Gratitude

Hi TSYIers,

What a week it has been! I'm excited to share my book's release next week, but before that, I wanted to share my three most recently recorded weekly workshops! I've been posting them in my group for the workshop series, but I wanted to make them available in one post. Before you buy one of my books on perfectionism, or any others for that matter, I invite you to look at each of the perfectionism-causing road blocks covered in this workshop series for the book. Each one invites you to rewrite a limiting PS (Perfectionism Story). Don't worry, they're short and sweet! Without further adieu, here they are:

1. Part Five: Worst Case Scenario Thinking

Ever find yourself overthinking it when it comes to high-pressure moments in your life (like a job interview)? There may be a Perfectionism Story at play sabotaging you! Let’s find it and rewrite it in this brief mini-workshop! 

2. Part Six: When PSes Get in the Way of Organization

A messy closet doesn't necessarily mean a messy mind, it could mean you have perfectionism stories at work causing you to procrastinate! Check it out!

3. Part Seven: Defining Spirituality for Yourself

With Easter having just passed, it's the perfectly imperfect time to ask ourselves what our own beliefs about God, spirituality, the universe, whatever it is, means to us. Defining that for ourselves and sharing our truths is an act of getting rid of our PSes (Perfectionism Stories) because only when we are secure enough in ourselves to speak our truth no matter who we are around at the time, only then will we feel good about our own journey. Thanks for watching!

Stay tuned for the last video for the series, coming out next week! It was initially a seven-part workshop series but in my first video I slipped and said eight. I decided that it was serendipity at work because I do have one more area I really want to cover! Stay tuned for it next week!

With love,


Megan Reilly