What Trauma Has to Teach Us About Patience (and Self-Love)

Hi TSIYers,

This week, in my Body Image Mini-Workshop Series: Part Seven: What Trauma Teaches Us About Patience (& Self-Love), I open up about what happened to me last weekend and what it taught me about the importance of valuing every part of yourself, beyond your physical attributes and capabilities. 

Recently, I had surgery. It brought up a lot of things for me, but mainly that I have come a long way toward truly loving that part of myself that I can't see reflected back to me in the mirror. In that way, my love for myself doesn't count on it to reflect back an image that looks its best.

Get out your journals, because this is brief but very introspective. But positive, and worth it, I promise. :) When we're feeling our worst physically, the window of opportunity to appreciate other aspects of ourselves is often at its peak. What are the two best things about yourself that you can express gratitude for daily (that don't require you to be physically at your best)? We go into that in this video. See you next week for the final installment of this mini-workshop series! 

With love,


Megan Reilly