TSIY is Beginning An Exciting New Chapter: Quick Announcements

Hi TSYIers,

It has been an exciting time for The Story is Yours and I wanted to thank all of you for your support and give you a few new updates that I'm full of gratitude for (and in celebration of).

  • The Story is Yours Instagram is up to 6.7k followers!
  • I'm THIS close to a TedX talk in August. Cross your fingers for me! More coming soon.
  • Check out my recent interview on Your Superior Self all about self-love and living your purpose fearlessly. I'm atively seeking more podcasts to be on (I'd LOVE to be on your Podcast or show, contact me here).
  • I just finished timing myself reading my book in preparation for RECORDING within the next couple of months. More info soon. Audible, here's looking at you! :)
    1. Work with me to heal from perfectionism with my Quick Fix: Perfectionism Rx (1:1 Program): Rewrite a Major Perfectionism Story & Reclaim Your Life in just one week!
    2. Ready to self-publish your book and become an author on Amazon? Sign up for my Heart-Based Book Rx and go from dread to finished draft in (ONLY) 90 days! 
  • I'm currently brainstorming my next mini-workshop series for YouTube and setting up a more permanent studio so that lighting and background (and sound quality) will be consistent. Live workshops may be the result!
  • I'm doing a couple of exciting collaborations (mutual giveaways etc.) with other powerhouse entrepreneurial women, so stay tuned for those promotions! 

Thank you again for your support, it means the world!  

With love,


Megan Reilly