Honoring the Recovery Process

Hi TSIYers,

This week, in my Body Image Mini-Workshop Series: Part Eight: Honoring Our Recovery Process, I’m on the mend physically from an emergency surgery I talked about last week, and my body’s natural ability to heal has shed new light on my active recovery from my eating disorder. I invite you to look at your own recovery, whatever stage you are at, in a compassionate way, not from a place of criticism, which is so easy to do when things get tough.

To help rewrite any lingering Perfectionism Stories (those mean messages from your inner critic that kick you when you’re already down), I share an excerpt from my book, Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life. I invite you to start healing naturally, the way your body shows you you are capable of in so many other ways.

Thank you for watching this series! Stay tuned for the next one (and in the meantime, feel free to check out my 30-day Perfectionism RX Group program to really kick some Perfectionism booty!).

Much love,


Megan Reilly