The Absolute Power of Positivity on Social Media


I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

I was inspired to share a recent post I wrote about an amazing woman I met a few months ago:

"Too often, “pretty” or “feminine” is synonymous with “weak” in our society. When I saw this journal, I immediately thought of the day I ran across a tank top in a window that read, in beautiful pastel-like letters: “Too pretty? Too girly? Too female? Too bad!” and I had to have it, so I called the number on the door. A powerhouse woman answered it.


I’m going to share this bit of wisdom I learned that day from her, @caryleewilliams, about the inspiration behind her @tooprettybrand. Cary does many amazing things, but in her experience as an Olympic boxing trainer, she noticed that the boxer she was training dressed down for weigh-ins, even though she was very girly in style otherwise. Cary asked her why she did this and the boxer told her it was because she felt like she needed to be like one of the boys to be taken seriously.


Carly encouraged the boxer to rock her usual, feminine duds and show the boys just how much strength “pretty” can have, which the boxer promptly did. And that day, she proved just how strong a woman could be in the ring, showing up and winning matches not only for herself but for any woman who has ever felt she had to hide her femininity to prove what she’s capable of. Hence the @tooprettybrand was born.


Being yourself is the strongest thing you can do, and important not only for yourself but for other women who will be inspired to fearlessly show up as themselves and show the world what awesome strength “pretty” is made of! So go on, make a splash this Saturday!"

The love I got back was immediate and wonderful, beyond anything I ever anticipated:

"tooprettybrand: We just absolutely love you and the strength you bring to the #nevertoopretty family!! You ARE a woman of strength and compassion! Such a powerful combination ❤ Thank you!!

caryleewilliams: Well, this post just made me cry a little❤ I am so happy I answered the phone that day and was at the club to let you in! The words you write are powerful and help me stay motivated.#youaremymotivation"

I'm sharing this to tell you that social media is truly what you make it. While there is plenty of negativity out there too, there is so much space for you to shine your light and make it a happier, more positive place. So go out there and make an absolutely positively light-spreading splash.

With love,


Megan Reilly