TEDx Talk Results <3

Hi TSIYers,

Last week, an absolute dream came true! I spoke at a #tedx event.

I posted on Instagram last week and received so much love and support regarding how it went that I'm reposting it here:

This #tedxyouth had an amazing theme, “Breaking Barriers”, and my topic was the importance of self-care after leaving the structure of high school and college.


I poured my heart out in this speech. I told this crowd full of young people the things I wish I’d heard 10 years ago (when I was 21). That perfectionism is costly. That I had an eating disorder as a result. That boundaries are vital to health, happiness, and success. That self-care matters most.


I thought I was there to teach others. I was humbled by the positive feedback from some people who saw my speech and found it helpful, but I ended up learning more about myself. And just how far I’ve come on my journey toward self-love and acceptance.


About two minutes into my 12-minute talk, I clicked on a slide only to realize I’d skipped over an entire part! The wrong slide was showing! But then something amazing happened: this inner feeling of self-trust and peace. I improvised and cracked a joke that went right along with the theme of my speech and skipped over the two now irrelevant slides in a way that allowed me to stay in my message. The audience followed me. The rest of the speech went as planned. 🌻

I did not apologize for the imperfection. I did not judge myself. I did not get upset. In fact, the stumble boosted my confidence because it came up and I conquered it. Confidently, perfectly imperfect. Which is what my speech was truly all about.


It’s not up yet, but when it is, I will proudly share it. Thank you to @jeongxshin for this incredible opportunity!


I’m happy to know that there’s still so much to learn about myself, including those moments that show my humanity. That’s where connection comes from. Where strength and courage show through. Where passion and purpose truly carry your message. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way! View all 30 comments here.

With love,


Megan Reilly