Escaping Perfectionism

“Remember that the treatment of you by those closest to you is often a reflection of how you treat yourself, and while this often provides a consistent source of frustration in life, it also gives us the greatest gift when we take those reflections and use them to heal.”

Escaping Perfectionism: Rewrite Your Story and Reclaim Your Life

It took years of active recovery to realize that my eating disorder was not a personal issue so much as it was a societal pressure manifested into individual form. Many women in the United States (and in the modern world at large) were raised with a specific set of Perfectionism Stories, referenced as PSes in this book. PSes are outdated negative ideas, passed both consciously and subliminally. Examples include the following thoughts:

• If something looks good, it was worth the pain I put myself through. 

• It’s selfish to have too many needs and being demanding makes me unlovable.

• Success isn’t an option, it’s an expectation, and failure is unacceptable.

This kind of perfectionism sabotages many areas of our lives, especially these seven: career and job, money, family and friends, love, health and wellness, spirituality, and our home/office environments. In this book, you'll find tools to identify your PSes and rewrite them, receive tips on how to avoid the people and situations that have derailed your efforts in the past, and get the guidance you need to become more authentically connected to everyone in your life, including yourself!

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