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Go From Dread to Finished Draft in 90 Days

Drop the Procrastination and Publish Your Book

Do you have that story? 

The one you have scraps of in journals, in notepads, on your computer, or even just taking up space in your mind?

"Someday I'll write it," you say to yourself.

Ten years ago I was writing something I knew I wanted to make into a book. I said the same non-committal thing. No timeline in mind, just something that was on my wish list. So nothing happened.

The journey from that unfocused young writer full of ideas but no structure to published author in her early 30s has been a long road.

But one that truly took off THE MOMENT I decided to get serious.

I took that old outline I'd written, dusted it off, and put together a plan. The transformation happened with ease from there. And I've streamlined it to help you because I know you can do it.

I did it, after all. I stuck to a set word count. I motivated myself. I found what worked for me.

And here is my book:

Since self-publishing in March, a number of awesome opportunities have transpired (and every day there are more):

  • A TEDx talk, watch it here.

  • Podcast interview and newspaper article requests.

  • In just 7 months, my Instagram climbed from 350 people to 15k+ and counting (social media strategy based on the book).

  • I've been approached by other authors, writers, speakers, and many who are aspiring toward those things, as an expert.

  • I've been invited to events where my book is on display.

  • I've gained a newfound connection to my life's purpose.

  • I am happier and more fulfilled than ever.

Far removed from that place of crumpled up wads of ideas, I've crafted a message that resonates with others in a way that inspires and humbles me every day. And it all happened because I got specific. Here is where I'm at now (standing smiling with a fan and new friend who read my book after seeing my Instagram account *yep, this stuff happens in real life*):


Are you ready to make your book a reality and make these things happen for yourself? 

In 90 days, here is what you will have:


A Finished Draft of YOUR BOOK

We'll have a laser-focused 1:1 meeting to establish your outline (via Zoom or Skype) and an entire action plan will be made. Broken down by daily word count, design choices, and specific action steps, you'll have a foundation that will make the construction of your book a snap. Make your dream come true with the guidance of someone who has done it before. And in record time.


A Beautiful Design in the Development Stages (if not completed during this time).

Your book's cover and interior design are vital to your book's success. I will directly connect you to my trusted vendor who provides these services at a value you will appreciate. Best practices in communication, design requests, and a guideline based on experience will all be provided. All formatting advice is for Amazon's KDP platform (e-book & print).


A Message Others Resonate With

This will not just be a book for the sake of a book. There are plenty of programs that promise that, but this one is different because this book is going to connect with others in a way that only a book from your heart, soul, and sense of purpose can produce. I will read your manuscript and ensure you have 'it', offering comprehensive edits and suggestions.


You're ready to make it real. To commit. To no excuses. So commit now. For testimonials, click here. For more about me click here. For my blog click here.

Just remember that the more you delay, the further away your book gets. Commit to your success and mountains will move. You've seen my proof. Create yours. 

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Get your book together NOW for only three payments of $797 or a one-time payment of $1997 (a $394 discount!) and go from dread to finished draft in three months! Now is the time to realize your dream of becoming a self-published author with a book on Amazon!

Here's to your BEST book and YEAR ever,


Pay in Full: $1997 ($394 discount from monthly plan) 

Pay in Installments: $797 (recurring for three months)